Wolli's homepage on an embedded ARM7 system

This is a HTTP Server based on an Philips LPC2138 ARM7 CPU
  • The HTTP server runs on the board shown above. It has 32kB internal RAM and 512kB internal Flash, and a SDcard memory >= 32MB.
  • You can get the actual source code V2.1 of  this project compiled with GCC 3.4.3, if you write a mail to me..
  • Hardware platform is a development board from EmbeddedArtists.com
  • The TCP stack is a ported version of the "easyToWeb" TCP Stack V 2.10 from HTWK-Leipzig 
  • The HTTP Server uses a flat FAT16 filesystem on an SD Card>16 MB.
  • Playing with LED's

  • Some additional Info:
    I used a basic DM9000 Ethernet driver, and adapted it to the easyToWeb TCP stack V2.10 .
    Then I ported the easyToWeb TCP stack from AVR source to ARM7 compatible source.
    To have easy access to PC files, I used a modified Version of a FAT16 filesystem.
    The HTTP Server is able to handle files on a SD Card, which are located in the root directory, and
    meet the 8.3 filename convention.

  • Here you can find some information about the author.

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